Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Handshakes and Milkshakes

The cafeteria here at the MTC has ice cream once in a while, so sometimes I mix in milk and make a pretty bomb milkshake. Also, I've never given so many handshakes in my life. The germs are spreading quickly, but thankfully I've been able to avoid sickness. 
District and me being awkward trying not to touch Elder Kafusi
The sisters and I in my district thought of things for every day of the week to look forward to because we are super cool and awesome team girl squad girls. 
Monday: Sing 'Manic Monday' all day because Mondays are just Mondays.
Wednesday: We wear pink. *Mean Girls reference*
Thursday: Play volleyball or basketball with the Elders in our district. Sisters rule, Elders drool. (But seriously the Elders are all much young, very baby.) 
Friday: Aloha Friday, we say aloha to everyone because Hawaiian companion. 
Saturday: Just realized we don't do anything on Saturday.
Sunday: Devotional in the evening and a film afterwards. And it's Sunday, best day of the week.
Cuz we're girls
On Sunday the Nashville Tribute Band came and I got to be part of the choir and sing with them and 1,703 others here at the MTC. Haha. It was pretty powerful. They aye a pretty chill group of talented man voices and they share their love of God with music so well. Look em up folks and listen.

Our weekly Sunday temple trips are so lovely.
I could say that every day has been daisies and thunderstorms but that would just be unrealistic. There have been times when I have felt really inadequate or when I have gotten sick of my companion talking about shopping everyday or feeling like I could be doing so much more to be better. But then I remember my family, Jesus Christ and how lucky I am to share with so many people how much I love them and how much there is to gain from completely welcoming the Savior into our lives. That's when things just get a whole lot more sweeto mosquito. It's amazing how my attitude changes when I'm thinking about what I've got instead of what I do not. I can't wait to get to Temple Square.

Forced affection given to Sis Williams. She said, "I feel like I'm in the womb again." yeah I seem to have that affect on people.
Heavenly Father loves us so much. I can feel it every day as I try to fit into these shoes that are much too big for me. As missionaries we have such an incredible honor and responsibility to share that love from Heavenly Father with others, because we are the only ones who can do it this way. Hopefully as I learn and experience more my feet will grow and somehow these shoes given to me will mold to my feet. Sorry if that analogy doesn't make sense I just thought of it on the fly and don't have much time to figure out if it's lame or not. Haha

Pointing to our missions on the map. Haha 30 min away and San Diego. 
Thanks for emails and letters through Dear Elder, they really help to keep a pup's head up.

LOVE xoxo,
Sister Cox

Scripture I loved this week: Hebrews 12:2

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