Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Straight Sluggin'

Today during breakfast, a slimy little friend felt like making my morning a little interesting. Our district went a little earlier to the cafeteria than usual because we were planning on going to the temple together afterward (we did and it was lovely). Because we went earlier there were not the usual 50 different food selections, so I decided on some simple granola and raspberries. (Seriously though, we are so lucky to have so much food at our fingertips, it's hard to think about how much goes to waste everyday.) Anyway, as I was about to spoon another mouthful of granola and berry into my mouth, I came upon a little dark slimy thing. My stomach just about dropped out of my body as I realized it was moving. I tried to calmly pour the thing off of my spoon and set it on the napkin. At first I thought it was some kind of worm but as it moved more the milk slid off of it and we were able to identify it as a slug. To say the least, we all lost our appetites after that and couldn't eat anymore. We suspect it came from the raspberries. And you all thought the orange juice here was bad. HA. The end.

On a more positive note, last Wednesday we got to welcome new missionaries to the MTC, help them around and get them situated. I helped four girls and they are all from such cool places and also going to such cool places. Thailand going to Austrailia (she had such a hard time saying it haha it was so cute). London to Belgium. Washington to Madagascar. And....Canada to Canada...hahhaha.

I just want to share how neat it is to be a missionary. When I read the scriptures, or read through quotes or listen to talks, it's like I am reading and hearing everything for the first time. It all has so much more meaning to me and I know that what I'm learning here has such an important purpose. Heavenly Father is preparing me to speak words that will help bring people closer to Him. Praying that I will be able to remember everything I have learned here so far. 

I remembered BYU started school this week and I have to admit, I'm not sad at all that I'm not starting classes again this year. I am a little bummed about the Football games though. Keep me updated on our season BYU friends.
To everyone else starting school as well in other places (NDSU, UND, UVU etc.), work hard, make goals, be yourself, have fun, and be safe! 

And I'm sorry I totally forgot to give my MTC address the week I got here but it's:

ALSO IMPORTANT NOTE: my preparation day has switched to Friday as we being visitor center training this week. So I will be able to write and read emails on Friday, but not next Tuesday. I'll continue to keep you updated.

TE AMO, xoxo
Sister Cox

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