Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Fotos

Foto 1, This is my favourite Norwegian, Sister Steffensen. She was in a band before coming to Temple Square and she loves Sufjan Stevens and Beirut as much as I do. She gave me Norwegian chocolate and ultimately that's really why I like her so much. :)

Foto 2, This is Cleiton. We found Cleiton through a member that came to Temple Square and he is living here in Salt Lake so we have been teaching him through the phone and he has come to temple square to learn. It's cool because we have so many resources here to teach him. He has also been meeting with the local missionaries in the ward close to him so he's been moving at a really fast rate. Cleiton is going to be baptized tomorrow. He is so incredible and we are so proud of him. He is the most sincere and Christlike human and his willingness and desire to do what is right is incredible. It makes me so excited for all of the people we will continue to meet and share the message of this TRUE AND WONDERFUL GOSPEL!

Foto 3, we took this picture this morning because we realized we hadn't really taken any pictures this week. Thanks wind for making an appearance with hair.

Au revoir, arrivederci until next week, I'll try to give more details in my email then. 

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