Friday, October 7, 2016

La Vie En Rose

One of the highlights of the weekend, I got to see my best frand!

We show different sections of Meet the Mormons at the legacy theater in the Joseph Smith Memorial building and today there was a huge family that was there because a family member was getting married in the temple later in the afternoon. They were all gussied up and the dudes had roses on their lapels. One of them (he was like 13 probably) was talking to us afterward and he gave me his rose and basically made my day. Such a sweetie. I'm amazed by the kindness that is just all over on temple square all the time. I thought seeing people getting married and families all the time would make me trunky--a phrase we use on temple square to describe a feeling of wanting to go home. (quite similar to FOMO) But actually, seeing people in love and glowy and babies just makes me really happy that I get to serve a mission where I am reminded everyday of the blessings we are able to have because of the temple. Heavenly Father has allowed us to be with the people we care about most in this world not just until death but FOREVER. Looking for living evidence and proof of God's love? There's some.
and this Ben brother of mine!
General conference this past weekend was so fun and so exhausting talking to people 18 hours of the day. I think my body just barely recovered a few minutes ago:) I loved it. I love people. Human beings are so cool. You're all so cool. 

Have a good week. Te Amo

Sister Cox

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