Friday, October 28, 2016

Half Dressed, Completely Blessed

I just want to begin this week by saying thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday. I felt so loved this week. I wish I could give you all a Karla Cox hug. If you see her maybe you can ask her for one from me. I'm sure she would have no objections. ;)
The morning of my birthday my wonderful zone decided to surprise me with cupcakes and balloons and wonderful things (crepes made by Frenchie, even makeup from Milan, Italy #blessed). The knee slapper about this story is that they entered my room to surprise me and sing after I had just gotten out of the shower and I started to change. Lucky enough, I still had my Velcro towel on. We laughed for days and they all received wet hugs from me in return. I really have such a great zone. And friends in my life. And family. Because I have been given much I too must give right? Hope to do my best in that endeavor the rest of this week and the rest of this mission and the rest of my life.
One more pic from my district that we took in the family history center library.
This Thursday morning during Relief Society, President announced to us that on Halloween, the square will be closing at 5 and we will have a mission dinner catered by Olive Garden, which will be followed by Narnia,The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Might've been the loudest cheer I've witnessed from the Sisters on Temple Square so far. It's hilarious what great pleasures we find in small simple things that we never used to appreciate, like movie nights and popcorn (A VERY rare occasion on the mission). President just laughed at us all and said humbly (the usual) "wow my popularity points just increased by a lot." Yes, President by a lot. (even though he was already super popular)
Love that man so much already. He reminds me of my own Dad in a lot of ways, and he has really helped me understand the importance of my calling and that I'm supposed to be here on Temple Square.

The other night I was talking with a convert and he gave an analogy of this mission. This mission in Salt Lake City is where the Saints moved and established Zion, it is where Church Headquarters is, where the Prophet and Apostles live, and where the largest temple in the world is. " the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; AND ALL NATIONS SHALL FLOW UNTO IT."(Isaiah 2:2) So many nations visit Temple Square and hear the gospel here, and in turn we are able to share and spread the gospel online and outward. The man said, "Temple Square is the heart of the church in location and functionality. It is continuously pumping. The blood and oxygen that flow--the teachings of Jesus Christ--pump both to and from this heart, keeping everything alive and strong." Wow. Such a good analogy for me to hear to remind me of the beauty of this mission. People who come here are constantly helping to build my testimony of the importance and value of this mission. 

I am continuously gaining a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon. I never want to spend another day of my life not reading the words from this book. It is love sent in the form of words and it is such a powerful tool of conversion here on the mission. Friends and family, I am doing my best to preach what I practice and practice what I preach. READ THIS BOOK and you will never have the desire to leave the Lord's side. Reading everyday is really not so much to ask, knowing that He never leaves our side. 

Love, from the ends of my fluffy hair to the ends of my disfigured toes, 
xoxo Sister Cox

Last Pday we went to the corn maze. Here are some pics to display:
I still like to do handstands surprise, But hey doesn't it look like flames are shooting from my feet and I'm flying like a superhero? Lawlz
Love this pic because it combines two of my favourite places. ND and UT.
Sister Cochain didn't getting the jumping in the corn maze memo. It's easy to interpret a lot of different thoughts fgrom that facial expression hahaha

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