Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bee in the Beehive House

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Candy and Easter egg hunts/decorating are good and I'm not going to lie I missed that a little bit this year, but can't compete with the love of the Savior and the beautiful fact that HE LIVES. Remember the promises you made and make to Him.
Easter Morning
Yesterday we were at the Beehive house taking a huge family through (they surprisingly were not mormon). We had just been talking about the symbolism of the Beehive and what it meant to Brigham Young and how it has been preserved as a symbol to motivate us as members of the church. To work hard, be self reliant, and work together. Very timely and ironically a huge little bee friend was buzzing right in front of the exit door. So funny. After the chaos of it all it gave me a great opportunity for me to share a story I read from James E. Talmage called the parable of the unwise bee.
Read it. We really felt the spirit throughout this tour and we had so much fun with the family, and I beelieve that God puts in our path even the small and simple things that will change the course of our lives. Things as perfectly planned as bees in the Beehive house. 

We've had exchanges all week but I only took one picture I promise no favoritism, Sister Smith from New Zealand she is the bomb.
Sometimes I will watch the Bible videos to just kind of unwind and chill and I was watching The Road to Emmaus most lately. I love how they ask the Savior to abide with them because evening was coming soon. One of my favourite hymns describes it better than I could:

2. Abide with me; 'tis eventide.
Thy walk today with me
Has made my heart within me burn,
As I communed with thee.
Thy earnest words have filled my soul
And kept me near thy side.
3. Abide with me; 'tis eventide,
And lone will be the night
If I cannot commune with thee
Nor find in thee my light.
The darkness of the world, I fear,
Would in my home abide.

O Savior, stay this night with me;
Behold, 'tis eventide.
O Savior, stay this night with me;
Behold, 'tis eventide.

It gave me some comfort this week I hope it does the same for you. It's even better with the music. 

Be good, Be Safe, Be happy. <--the frequent words of my loving and wise mother that will always BEE with me. 

Love you all, 
Sister Cox

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