Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Greetings come in English this transfer because American companion. 

So sorry there was a whole lot that happened this week but I am sitting here and my mind is really quite blank and I left my journal at home. We had some final exchanges, zone conference, music and the spoken word and met a lot of great people. Our investigators are doing great. It was an uplifting week, a little more difficult than usual, and I am down with a little bit of a cold, but nothing a good relaxing p-day can't cure I'm sure. Next week is transfer week already, wow.

I do have in my ipad one of my favourite quotes from Jesus the Christ this week:

"Misunderstanding is the prelude to offense."

How often have we had trouble in some kind of relationship just because of misunderstanding? How many conflicts between countries have started because of misunderstandings? How many things have simply gone wrong because of misunderstanding?

Here is my mantra for the week, let understanding be the prelude to our good deeds
When we really understand people and who they are and their potential, I believe we are able to see a side that the Savior sees. And we will have a continual desire to serve everyone around us.

Have a great week everyone, 

Sister Cox

Music and the Spoken Word with Sister Nuttall

A bird pooped on Sister Orellana. This is actually a pretty frequent thing because of all the trees round about. Maybe it's good for the skin?

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