Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Small and Simple Marbles

Hi hi
Just a few good marbles during the week that I'd love to hit at you:

+my companion shut herself in the door a few times this week.
explanation needed? She literally would be walking out the door, beehive house door, car door, etc., and would close the door half way on her self as she was going out. Haha I hope you all have some good imagery of that, wish I had a picture to supply.
Our zone had a barbeque in our mission counselor's back yard, because we don't have ward members to hang with. Sister Bastos and I swapped sunglasses. The weather was hot and beautiful and we were really soaking it in.

+Took a lot of Mandarin tours (Chinese) with my zone leader Sister Chen from China while we were on exchanges. (for those still unfamiliar with the lingo, we switched companions for the day basically. My companion went with our other zone leader.) On chinese tours: I speak, she translates for me, she speaks and translates what she says. Really helps me learn how to teach simply, most of these people don't really know who God is. Such cool experiences with her she is a wonderful missionary. She is also going to BYU.

+There was a man in the beehive house who was about to go through to take a tour with other sisters in a big group but started to cough like crazy and I was like "woah there you okay?" and all he could get out was "water please." We don't exactly have a water supply all up in the historic beehive house, so I ran and got my water bottle and apparently he really was desperate and didn't care about stranger germs and apparently I didn't either so he just sat there and drank water and was grumpy and quiet. But weird cool thing I realized, I never would have done that before my mission. But I sure was feeling the love of Christ for that coughing old man. Didn't get the chance to talk to him at all because it was really busy and we had to take another tour. But grateful for the little opportunity Heavenly Father gave to me to experience love in that way for him.
Sister Radcliffe from my district barbecued all of our meat because she is a Texan grilling machine.
+During Teaching Center this week, I answered a phone call coming in to and it was this cute little Filipino lady and she didn't really know why she was calling and to be frank she didn't really know how to call. Poor Raquel hardly knows how to use a phone. But she said she was cleaning her garage and she found this picture of Jesus Christ with our number on the back and she just felt she needed to call, she had prayed about it, and just kept feeling God was urging her to call. She had missed seeing Jesus Christm she always saw his picutre all over in the Philippines. She said had been looking for him lately ( I think figuratively as well as literally) So she gave up resisting and this was actually the very first number she called on her new phone. We spoke for a while about God and no coincidences in our lives, had a very spiritual conversation with her and she said she is basically ready to have the missionaries come by and bring her to church and bring her to the waters of baptism. It was such an amazing thing for me to see how even the small things we do or give, have an impact whether we know about it or not. 

Trees are growing everywhere whether we see it or not! But we can trust that Heavenly Father, the Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are the ones giving the rain and sunshine even when we can't reach our little plants.

I challenge you all to share the gospel in a small and simple way this week, give a Book of Mormon, share a pass along card. Alma 37:6
"..behold say unto you, that by small and simple things argreat things brought to pass;"
Our crazy zone

Sister Cox

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