Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Love One Another ft. Neon Trees & Imagine Dragons

 Today was a pday to remember. 

I'm trying to figure out a cool way to share what happened but there is no way to make what is this cool, cooler.

We bumped into both lead singers of Neon freaking Trees, and Imagine Dragons, Tyler and Dan. They are both members of the church and both actually served missions in Nebraska.  
Dan is making a video and they are hosting a festival this week to help soften and eliminate the harsh stigmas of the LGBT community in the church and help bring a feeling of love through their music and influence. They will both be performing and Steve Young and his wife will be speaking. 

They asked if they could interview us to possibly be part of the video.

I tried to keep my chill but GUYS THIS WAS SO LEGIT. And they are such good, wholesome awesome, beautiful music making humans. 

I asked them to please sing a hymn for us and they had us sing with them, so yeah that happened. We sang "Love one another," and they said that is what they are thinking of giving the title to all of this. 

We also hiked up Ensign Peak today and it stormed, rained and hailed on us and we were stranded up there with two kids and their grandma who actually served as the secretary of our mission years ago. The little boy was kinda freaking out about the thunder and everything, so I had a few thumb wars with him and we all sang some songs together to keep the calm in the midst of the storm. PS I love thunderstorms so I was pretty much hyped.

We received Transfer calls and our pday switched to Wednesday so we will have two pdays this week......

Transfer info:
Companion: Still will be with Sister Nuttall another transfer! Merica
Zone leaders: Sister Chen (China) Sister Shumway (Hawaii)
Assignment: Beehive (Again!)
Pday: wednesday 

We met some super neat people this week and I can't wait for the full blown chaos of the summertime. 

Feeling so blessed. 

I am still often waking my companion in the middle of the night to pray under the haze of sleepytalking. 

The Chinese people are swarming the square already and they are hilarious. I've never felt more like a celebrity than I do with them, I am asked to take a picture with them at least once a day. It's the blonde hair and the fact that I am american.

This is a quote I love from Elder Quentin L Cook, "It is okay to disagree, it is not okay to be disagreeable." In the midst of the crazy opinions in this world, look to Jesus Christ my friends, the source of all things good. 

Love much,
Sister Cox
Hike today pre-storm. Can't see the valley because I'm in the sky.
An adorable couple we took on a tour last week, they insisted on a picture so we took one too. Love them just after 30 min with them.

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