Friday, September 2, 2016


Yesterday, there was a big announcement over the intercom throughout all the buildings on campus that asked for the sister missionaries to meet together for a big emergency meeting. We all thought the worst of course: "We are being sent home, they don't need us anymore," or "they are going to talk to us about skirt length again," or "the second coming is happening and they want to notify the sisters in the MTC first...." lawlz. The latter wouldn't be so bad I think, I'd be happy to see Christ right now.

Anyway, to our surprise, we were informed that there is a BAT infestation on the 3rd and 4th floors of the 17M residence halls. Guess where I am living?? 3rd floor 17m. So we sisters evacuated and transfered to some empty dorms a few hundred buildings over. (sorry for the exaggeration but it felt like it.) Sadly, I didn't have a personal encounter with any of the bats and it's hilarious that in one week I have come across multiple unpleasant creatures here at the MTC but I'm not even mad bro because it makes my letters so much more interesting. I'm sure you would all be bored to death by my weekly letter if they didn't keep appearing, so bring it on creepy friends. Anything to keep my people entertained. 

Millennial bathroom pics.

Also the title is a double entendre. I miss listening to RAT A TAT. 

The elders in our district left for Des Moines Iowa on Tuesday. Sad day. But we started visitor center training on Wednesday. Happy day. 

Our district's final "covenant" handshake.

So just to kind of explain the MTC and missions to those of you who are not members reading this: 
Here at the Missionary Training Center we are preparing for missions to serve God and His humans all over the world. It's kind of like boot camp before heading to the army except there is a lot less body training and a whole lot more praying. Because I have been called to an English speaking mission here in the U.S. I am only here for about 4 weeks, the stay is usually 3 weeks but sister missionaries going to visitor centers stay for an extra week to apply the things we've learned into more of a group setting and to learn how to do a lot of tech-y online things. I'm just beginning to learn about it but it is SO COOL. Some missionaries stay here for up to 9 weeks (those going to Japan, Russia, ect.) There are about 40 sisters in our new group, or district, and they are all from so many different places around the world. Sri Lanka, South Korea, China, Thailand, France, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, all over the U.S. and some other places I can't think of right now. Haha. Half of them will be serving in Temple Square with me. They are all so wonderful.

I love technology, but not as much as you you see.

My sister Alisa and I had a conversation when I stayed with them in Georgia before I left for my mission and I have been thinking about it a lot as I am learning how to be a better friend, missionary and teacher. We talked about how it is so much better to dig deep right away and get to know the person on a more intimate level rather than to waste time on small talk. Learning about people and what they love and how this gospel and Jesus Christ can help them specifically in their individual lives is so important. The moments I have with each person I meet are so minimal and having those kinds of conversations are SO vital. 

I know that I have been called of God through our prophet Thomas S. Monson, because everyday that I learn more about this mission, and how to be a better representative of Jesus Christ I can feel his love and how great of a fit this mission is for me. 

 Sister me in front of the MTC. Mountains have my heart forever.

I LOVE YOU ALL. I will be leaving the MTC next Tuesday September 6th, so after that date my address will change. After this week I'm not sure when my P-day will be next but it will most likely be on a Monday or Tuesday.

Just one more thought and then I will finally end this long letter:
some of the greatest words to be spoken by some of the greatest people.
"Control thyself- Cicero.
Know thyself- Socrates.
Give thyself. -Jesus Christ." 

Sister Cox

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