Friday, September 23, 2016


A French sister in my district and apartment, sister Cochain, calls me her teddy bear because my hair is soft and fluffy like one or something hahaha. Most original nickname recieved in my life. I dig it. Je l'adore. Also her companion sister MacFarlan is the baest. She keeps things real and she knows good music and she is my soul sister. 
Nosomos gatas. The cool humans I live with.
So something unique about Temple Square mission that is different from other missions. All leadership roles (Assistant to the President, district leader, zone leader) are all girls. The whole mission is girls except for our Mission President. I honestly thought it was going to be super hard because girls are annoying, dramatic, emotional and let's be honest kind of the worst sometimes. All concentrated in one place. But it's been good. These girls are from all over the world from such different backgrounds we're like a mini melting pot of Mormons.
Zone activity: watched ephraim's rescue and stuffed our faces with pizza. 
The schedule is vigorous and exhausting, but seriously so fulfilling. We get up around 6:30 and share the gospel all day long. I love being so close to the temple. And hearing about people talk about the spirit that they feel here right when they walk in the gate. There are A LOT of people on tour buses traveling the national parks. Which is neat cause I get to talk to people about my favourite hiking spots on earth. We have had so many cool experiences and a few scary experiences already and I have realized how much I have to learn here and my whole life. We show videos of Meet the Mormons in segments throughout the day and one of the ones we show is the horseman, probably my favourite. The main guy on the video says "if you're not winning you're learning." Even when things don't happen the way we expect them to: if your popcorn gets burned in the microwave or you forget your first name or you just don't feel like who you were called to be, it'll help you grow. We're humans who are made to progress. Don't wanna be stagnant. 
Yeah I didn't really know she was taking the picture. Also, it's been raining a lot so I am V HAPPY.
I  know I should have a lot to say because I didn't write last week I'm sorry it was super crazy. But apologies mean nothing unless proven by action right? So I'll send a lot of pictures. General Conference is next weekend so it is going to be chaotic!! General Conference is one of the best weekends in the year. Said by a true and stereotypical missionary. Watch it online on everyone if you aren't coming to the conference center and coming to visit me! I'm pretty sure I will be so busy they will only let us watch one session. So send me/tell me your favourite talks!  I may not have much time to write next friday. Lo siento in advance. 

Duck chips and duck lips. Call guest services at temple square and I might answer

Bill the organ enthusiast + sister Gomes + sister de luz

A little old but a pic with my mtc lovelies. God be with you till we meet again kolepoki.

Love xoxo, Sister Cox

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