Friday, September 30, 2016

Sometimes love comes around, And it knocks you down

Hello, Oi, Bon journo, Hola, Aloha, Ni hau, Guten tag, Bonjour, Konnichiha, God dag, Sawadee from Temple Square.

Went to the temple this morning. Wish I had a longer arm span so I could actually hug this beautiful temple. 

This week has been REALLY humbling and I just thought of that one song by Cheri Hilson or whatever her name is so I made it the subject of this email. It's easy to feel really insignificant as a human and as a missionary with such an intense calling and even when correction is given with love, it kind of feels like a knockdown. Or like you are really unbalanced. But if Christ is at the center, like when you flex your abs while walking on a balance beam when you're wobbly, suddenly you're balance is better and wobbles are gone. I think I have really noticed that this week. Hey maybe, this means I might get a six pack sometime soon. S/O to my sister we just had this conversation while emailing. 
Sister Kemple thought she would be funny and jump in front of our zone conference picture. It was actually funny. In zone conference we watched the clip from LOTR when Pippin starts the fire to send a call for help to Rohan. Used as an analogy for inspiration for our missionary work and spreading the gospel. I really love this mission sometimes. Sorry, my nerd is showing.

General Conference is this weekend and I thought of a really cool thing to do thanks to my Ben friend who is serving in Santiago, Chile. So people always say "ask questions before going to conference and you'll find an answer." This has worked if I have gone sincerely with questions in mind, but for some reason this challenge always annoyed me. Probably because I'm a prideful disobedient child of God. But I was thinking of what my friend said. Before I ask Heavenly Father for something, tell him WHY I want that thing. And suddenly that one way demand becomes a conversation. It's beautiful. Try it out this weekend my friends and fam. I know I will. I will be at the Saturday PM session, so maybe I'll see you there folks. 

I had a cheesy thought earlier this week about the wind because the fall wind has been blowing on the square and it has been glorious. It makes me think of North Dakota and the wind there that feels like it could knock you over. I never thought I'd say this but I think I might actually miss it sometimes. It made me think about Heavenly Fathers love and the truth of this gospel and this church. Everywhere you go the wind might smell different, or have a different temperature just like the temples around the world have different architecture or the people and culture are different but it's still the same wind. It's the same gospel, the same truth the same wind no matter where you go it will always be there. Giving comfort and sometimes giving you goosebumps. 

As a district we went to the zoo for Pday today and saw peacocks, giraffes, gorillas, snakes, birds rhinos, elephants, lions, tigers, and bears oh my. I'll send pics. 
The district.

Giraffes for the win

Inappropriate conduct? #bearhugs

Sincerely and with so much love,
Sister Cox

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