Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Feliz Natal


Christmas here on Temple Square is G L O R I O U S. I will be sad when it is over. A lot of the sisters are ready for it to end, just because the schedule is kind of exhausting. But after Christmas the square will be so empty and quiet so I want to take advantage of the time we have now to speak with as many shiny happy people holding hands (literally so many couples), as I can. 

This is my weird zone this transfer. Love them.
We are witnessing miracles, baptisms, new investigators, and losses of investigators Someday I hope to have time to share more with you.
 Two wonderful souls that we met while taking them through God's Plan for His Family, a video that we play here on Temple Square. The little girl's mom passed away, she is not a member but loves her grandma, who has an incredible understanding for God's plan for all of us. We hope to continue to be part of their life and to teach Chloe more.

I just want to share one thing that really stood out to me this week. Yesterday while we were Introducing the narrative up at the Christus, there were little kids gathered up in front of the statue of Jesus. There was this one little boy who really stood out to me as he was listening to the words of the Savior. His face was glowing from the lights right in front of him and his eyes didn't leave the statue once as he listened. I had such a powerful feeling of appreciation in my heart as I watched this unknown boy watch the Savior and listen to His words with sincere, pure interest and love. One of my favourite parts in the Book of Mormon is when the Savior appears to the people and spends His days with them, teaching them as He did the people in Jerusalem. 

 "20 And they arose from the earth, and he said unto them: Blessed are ye because of your faith. And now behold, my joy is full.
21 And when he had said these words, he wept, and the multitude bare record of it, and he took their little children, one by one, and blessed them, and prayed unto the Father for them."
The Savior, wept. Because he was so full of joy, and felt so much for all those that He was with. Even the Savior who is perfect shed tears for them. Such a beautiful expression of His humanity and love. And he blessed the children one by one. Prayed for them one by one. The Savior also prayed for all of us one by one, saw our faces one by one, as He suffered for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. I love Him and will forever try to show my gratitude for what He felt for me
I hope that you all feel our Savior Jesus Christ with you this Christmas as you celebrate His birth, His life, and His love. 
Kids make the world go round. Talk to you soon my friends.
Sister Cox

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