Tuesday, December 27, 2016

White Christmas

Sister MacFarlane Christmas noon, she's wearing her apron that she received as a gift and I'm wearing a new sweatshirt. If I hadn't pointed it out you would have had no idea im sure. 
Sister Brito and I in the Winter Wonderland
Christmas morning we woke to hardcore fluffy snow everywhere and it was coming down like it wouldn't ever have the chance to snow again. (I'm sure the skiers  and snowboarders up in the Utah area were stoked) Temple Square was a beautiful sight to behold and we loved having a white Christmas.
Jesus is a friend of mine (this was up at the Christus statue, the visitors centers were empty so everyone was skyping everywhere it was a sight to see)

more sno

more square

White is such a wonderful symbol for so many different reasons but it was cool to be so near the Temple and have everything covered in white. When we go to the temple, we wear white to symbolize purity, worthiness, and cleanliness and that we are all equal before Heavenly Father. With the fresh blanket of snow I was reminded of the daily snow we are able to have in our own lives through repentance and the happiness that it brings. An even greater happiness than snow on Christmas Day.
 Our zone #lighttheworld, "if sick had a face, it would be your face in this picture sister cox" <---words of my companion

We had the chance to skype family, open presents that we had received from family and some donated from local wards nearby, and our mission had an hour long musical presentation about the nativity. 
My family came!!! And I had the chance to take them on a tour of the Beehive house it was a wonderful Christmas Eve eve present and I was so grateful I could see them.

It was a day full of energy, joy and gratitude. Thank you to everyone who sent me gifts I felt so full and loved. The rest of the week has been busy. We had Zone conference, my companion and I have been sick, and there has been opposition in every single day. But I have enjoyed the challenge of this week and am grateful for the things that I learn from difficulty. 
I also had the privilege of seeing one of my best mates ever, she wandered onto temple square

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. I love you!

Sister Cox
Sister Cysweski from Idaho and I at the Christus Christmas Day 

Our new Temple Square crewnecks from the mission. "All nations shall flow unto it."

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