Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hello my dear friends and family,

We heard some teenagers making a joke on the square about the square being "so lit" the other night. (for those who are unfamiliar with this slang, it means awesome, cool, rad ask your friends or kids they'll know). So I couldn't resist making reference to it in the subject line.

IT's SO LIT (view from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building)
Last week was transfers, and because my p-day was on Friday and switched to Tuesday, and transfers were on Wed I didn't have p-day last week so I was not able to write. It has been a crazy week!

 We may or may not have had a little snowball fight on the way home from the square. Last night as a district!

My new companion is Sister Brito. She is also Brasilian, from Manaus. Second Brasilian companion, what is Heavenly Father trying to tell me? Haha it's crazy because we originally weren't supposed to be companions but there was kind of an emergency switch. So I am sending her home. This is her last transfer of the mission and then she is heading back to Brasil. We get along so well and are already close friends probably because we share an intense love for Coldplay and babies and probably the gospel. I'm excited for this transfer ahead of us.
My new companion sister Brito.

My new assignment is at the Beehive house, the home and church office of Brigham Young, the second prophet in these Latter-Days. We are there for a few hours several days a week giving tours and sharing our testimonies. For our Christmas schedule all the sisters are out on the square, singing, playing videos, and talking to all of the wonderful people. My companion and I are a little exhausted already but it is so worth it. Hopefully our bodies will adjust to the late Christmas schedule soon. We go to bed at 11:15 and wake up at 7:15. Our mission is probably the only exception to the white handbook schedule of wake up 6:30 in bed 10:30.

My zone is wonderful but it is weird adjusting from our last zone, district and companionship. We grew super close and I'm so grateful for the miracles we witnessed together and the new friendships. My new ZL are from Germany and Peru (Sister Hammer and Sister Carasco), DL is from Germany (Sister Fehlman), and there are like 5 other Germans in my zone. Sprichst du Deutsch? 

Light the World:
How has the challenge been going for you all? Serve in 25 ways in 25 days!! https://www.mormon.org/christmas/in-25-ways-over-25-days/jesus-read-the-scriptures Here is the link for today's. On the very first day I opened a packet of herbal tea, they all have little quotes on the teabag string, and it said,

"Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light."  

How ridiculously appropriate is that?? It's been so cool to see how God just kind of hands out ways for us to accomplish the idea for the day, at least that is how it's been for me. It's kind of like, "you've shown me your heart, now I'll show you my miracles." That's kind of how it is being on a mission. Keep doing it everyone and I would love to hear about experiences you have. Think of the Savior and He'll lift you as  you lift others. 

Just kind of a self reflection scripture that was really powerful for me that I read the other day. It's in Alma 5: 13-22 "I say unto you, can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?" Can other's see the hope of God's light through me? What can I do to to engrave His countenance in everything I do? The whole Book of Mormon can answer that question. 

The only Christmas decoration we have in our apartment, luckily we are on one of the most festively decorated Christmas lighted places in the world, so I suppose that's decoration enough for me:)
There is always so much more I could share but my brain forgets everything. I can't wait for the day when I will hopefully get to look on everyday of my life like a movie. Wouldn't that be neat? 

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and staying warm. I am healthy, happy, and I love bumping into random people on the square that I know. It is not difficult for me and I am not homesick so don't worry about sending pictures for fear of making me miss home. I know I am where I am supposed to be and the best gift I have ever given my Savior so far is being here on this mission. I feel His love continuously and I hope that as you center this Christmas season on Him, you will feel His love surround  you and your families and friends. I love you all so much. I love this Gospel. it is SO REAL and so very good and true. 

Sister Gomes made me sushi, I'll love this pretty girl forever she taught me so much in my first few months here.


Sister Suzie Cox

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