Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pictures January 3, 2017

Just some pictures this week for you guys.

They were taking the nativity down today so we thought we hang with the camels for a bit. 

My companion has been packing to go to home to Brazil and I found out I can fit in her suitcase so she can take me with her!
We met two of the sisters from The Entertainers, one of the meet the mormons movies that we play in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. They had a performance in the Tab on new years eve and we bumped into them down in the tabernacle tunnels and we took a picture with them. First picture with the famous. I still have yet to meet elder holland as well as The prophet... And the rest of the quorum of the twelve hahah.

Pretty cool thing. The bottom picture is the Wickels. They came and found me and I got to see them and hug them and talk to them. I  have the picture on my wall of Jesus with his sheep in my apartment  that Jim gave me on my baptism day when I was 8. They are truly the grandparents I never got to have in my young life. Heavenly Father knows who we need in our life and when and sends them back to us again to let us know how much has changed!! Love them. AND LOVE YOU ALL.

Happy New Year!
Sister Cox

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