Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Growing up in elementary school I sucked at math (still do) but fortunately I excelled at spelling. However, one word I could never remember how to spell was the month FEBRUARY. What is up with that extra R? Still confuses me to this day. Also here is a pic from my childhood and those years of rebellion and doing hood rat things ft. my best sister friend.


And now on to more important and relevant missionary topics.

If you have anyone else on a mission you will have heard that there was a mission wide broadcast about "Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts." Big deal #1: The key indicators have been changed for all missions and big deal #2 the daily missionary schedule has also been changed.
Now we just have extra time on pday for ourselves and at night when we get home at the end of the day. We have daily planning at different times(what works best for our mission and schedule) and we are focusing on fewer key indicators. It kind of varies for each mission, time zones, culture etc. But basically we have been given more flexibility and trust. We're excited to see how it goes. And Elder Oaks shared some excellent advice and correction for all of us. He is still my favorite.
Went to Fat Cats for our district activity and ran into a member family whose son served in Sister Blocher's (third on the left) ward back home in Texas. They bought us dinner, we shared a message with them, and they shared their testimonies with us. It was a cool experience being able to feel the spirit in a busy, noisy crowded bowling alley.

Just wanted to share one more thing before I make like a baby and head out.
I was talking to one of our investigators on the phone this morning before Pday started and we talked a lot about empathy. She is just beginning to meet with the missionaries in Louisiana and she told us that she has the ability to feel empathy so strongly for other people and she has been learning more about that word this week. We were able to help her understand more fully how the Atonement and our relationship is the most incredible example of empathy in existence and she shared how she is beginning to find so much more purpose in her life. This fills me with the kind of joy that can only be found doing missionary work and I feel so blessed.

S/O to my sister Mel and my mom for really helping me to understand that word and prepared me for this conversation before my mission. 
Sister Orellano from El Salvador trying on my hair.

Today was sunny, the birds were chirping, and it's the beginning of a new month. I hope you all enjoy it.
Snow last week. It's all almost already gone.

Love, xoxo
Sister Cox

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