Wednesday, February 22, 2017


So just an update on transfer week.
Not much changed because I am still in the first 12 weeks with sister Guerrero. She is still hilarious, hardworking and brings me much joy. Our zone is still with Zone leader Sister Leyes from Argentina, but Sister Felhman from Germany replaced our lovely Sister Kogure from Japan who went home. District leader is still Sister Ghetti from Brasil! YAS.

Our assignment this transfer is WELFARE SQUARE. So we get to go to welfare square one day during the week from 9-4 and give tours and help people to know more about the welfare program of the Church and our goal to be more like the Savior in helping others and getting people on their feet to be more self sufficient. Here is how I like to think about it, and I'm sure I am copying the words or thoughts of what someone said once. But, yes you could just fish for the man who is hungry so he is fed for a bit, but why not teach a man to fish so he can avoid hunger and feed himself his whole life? That is what humanitarian work and the welfare system of the church are all about. Welfare Square is seriously so cool. I've been dying to serve there or the Humanitarian center every transfer. Heavenly Father loves me.

Last week Thursday we had a Mission Tour or Mission training from Elder Kim Clark of the Quorum of the Seventy. He is a pretty incredible human and I learned so many things. Too many things for one email I have like 11,623 pages of notes. 

This weekend a few of our investigators were baptized, one of them a woman named Manogna, from Texas. I've had such an incredible journey with her in the past few months so many ups and downs and challenges but she stuck through it all and finally made the first step to entering the Kingdom of God. We didn't get to skype for the baptism but we called her afterward and it was so amazing hearing the happiness in hear voice and hearing her say that she wanted to stay in touch "forever." (so sweeeet!:)) Filled me with an inexpressible mutual feeling of happiness.

Post script, I have gained more wrinkles since being here on my mission. Dry weather+smiling a lot will do that to you I guess haha.

Have a good week all. Update me on your lives please:) 

Sorry no pics this week...

Sister Cox

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  1. Hi sister, congratulations for the job, you were very good explaining me about the organ!