Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The sleep talking adventures of Sister Cox continue. (my poor companions):

At the end of 2016, President Risenmay committed us all to say a prayer together as a companionship right before we go to bed before personal prayers and right when we wake up in the morning before personal prayers. My companion recently told me that in the first few weeks, I would wake up in the middle of the night and say very clearly almost as if I was awake, "okay companion, let's pray." She would then say the prayer because she thought it was time to get up but when she ended the prayer and said amen and received no reply from me, she realized I was just talking in my sleep...again. This happened multiple times. Another night she heard me teaching about the Book of Mormon because someone requested a Bible through There have been multiple other occurrences; I don't know how sister Guerrero gets any sleep at night. Sister Warrior is doing great. She cracks me up. Every night 2 things that she really doesn't like doing, 1. taking a shower, 2. taking her vitamins. She always prefaces these things by saying, "the drama of my life." In her Hispanic acthent hahha. Fun fact: In Spain they pronounce c and z as th, so their Spanish sounds like they have a lisp. Makes me laugh. Joy in the journey my friends, joy in the journey. 
Examples A and B and C that I am in surrounded by beautiful human beings everyday.

Another fun story to share with you all: 
Last week the fire alarm in our apartment building went off and everybody unloaded out into the cold, the fire department came and it was all because of a batch of burned brownies. Our apartment building is mainly composed of sister missionaries from Temple Square and then a bunch of old folks also serving at Temple Square. So it was kind of a funny sight to see everyone in their pjs, who are normally all dressed up in suits and dresses/skirts. It was interesting to observe how everyone reacted differently to the situation, because at first we didn't really know if it was a fire or not. Sister Clement our roommate, yelled to her companion "don't forget your name tag!" as they were rushing out the door, hahaha. Most of the Sisters grabbed their ipads and were actually recording the whole thing... I guess they'll have the memories of it all and luckily it was nothing dangerous or serious:) I didn't really have anything super important to grab but it gave me some relief realizing that the things I cared about as I was leaving were my people, especially my companion. I have been thinking more about how the material things that we have in life hold minimal value, and will only be with us for a temporary time. But the people we meet, our relationships, and our memories and knowledge are things we get to keep with us for a loooooooong time. So I think and hope that those are the things I want to safe-keep most, always. 
Yours truly, Sister Cox, a pioneer of the new age (family history center has some fun new interactive features)

This week has had days where VERY few people come to the square, and the only people to talk to are other sister missionaries or the plants. But there have also been days where the square is full of people. The main reason for visitors right now is either for business or skiing. I realized that I never really share about all of the AWESOME people that we get to meet everyday. This week we gave a tour  to a couple originally from Russia, now living in Chicago. It was definitely not a perfect tour but we really felt the spirit and I think they did too and I think that's why why they said yes to staying in contact with us. We gave a tour to a very, very baptist man from the south who loved debating and is sure that the Bible is the only book, and wanted to stay in contact to talk because he said wanted to just "speak for like 5 or 6 more hours with" us about Jesus, but he had a plane to catch. We met three guys who are living here in Utah who are evangelical and they were just super awesome and we had a really cool conversation about coexisting with the understanding of Jesus Christ at the center of it all. We took a tour in Spanish last week with a group of people from all over South America taking a tour of the country. It gave me such a strong testimony that God prepares who he brings here. I had such a wonderful connection with three of them that we are now in contact with. One has the same name as me from Argentina, one is a professor of nutrition (what I plan on continuing to study) from Venezuela, and the third is our age and he has friends who are members and has learned a bit about the church from them from Paraguay. They all took a Book of Mormon and want to learn more. Praying things continue to go well with them and all our investigators, that they will respond to our emails, and that they will meet with the missionaries near them. BTW I decided at the beginning of my mission not to share all of the baptisms we have so if you are ever interested to know more about those people feel free to email me directly, but I have felt coming here that it is the tiny little details of true conversion that occur over the whole span of our lifetime that are the most incredible. We get to be part of that with people everyday, sometimes their first initial contact with truth. Blessed. 
Sisters in my zone from Tonga and Cali. Look guys I'm glowing. We really are the angels of Temple Square. ;)

Okay sorry for the length today but I will just end with something I came across in studies this week in 1 Cor 12 and 13. It talks about charity and gifts that we are given through the spirit as disciples of Jesus Christ. Paul observed that the knowledge available in this life in incomplete compared to the perfect knowledge we will enjoy in the eternities. He gave the example of our current knowledge is like a reflection in a mirror and eternal knowledge is like seeing the same the same thing but experiencing it face to face. One day we will know all gifts. One day I will be able to speak all languages. So neat. Food for thought. 2 Nephi 32:3

Two conference talk recommendations that I read this week that were killer that really send a message straight to my soul: "Be Anxiously Engaged" By M. Russell Ballard and "Your Four Minutes" by Bary E Stevenson.

Love you all so so so so so much

Sister Cox

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