Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Buenas Dias! 
Pretty flowers pretty companion
Yesterday when we were walking home from the square there was a violinist playing beautifully on the corner. Not for money or anything, just to share her talents with the quiet city. It echoed everywhere. The great acoustics apparently aren't just limited to the Tabernacle, here on Temple Square;) Just as we were crossing the street there was a car that had the bass beats turned up and the rap and profanities were flying out the windows. It was so interesting to hear the cacophony of the different music and feelings that were associated with both. As I focused more on the sounds of the violin, I was able to tune out the squawking from the car. Don't get me wrong I will always dig base beats and the way they make you feel in a deep way. But I was able to think about the relationship and influence of the spirit and when we focus our thoughts and attention on its voice, we are able to put aside the desensitizing sounds of the world. Those things, sounds and voices don't disappear and it's not eliminated completely but our focus is better, we feel lifted up rather than down. Grateful for the ability we have to stay tuned into the right music, but that we also have the choice to do so and experience both so that we can gain the desire on our own to know which really will improve our lives. 
Sister Pierre Brazil, Sister Morales Peru and me and comp

Speaking of cake-cophony, yesterday was Sister Warrior's birthday we ate A LOT of cake:) and the happiness that exuded from her from receiving birthday surprises was like none I've ever seen. Made me want to give her a birthday every single day. She was like a little happy ball of sunshine. It's cool because her favourite colour is yellow. 
More flowers

The weather is beautiful here in downtown Salt Lake and the flowers are starting to blossom all over on Temple Square. The smells that are accompanied remind me of home and our lilac bushes. :) 

More flowers

The work is moving along well and I'm so glad that spring is here. My favorite season is the one in between. Change does good things to the soul.
When investigators don't answer our teaching center phone calls
Love you all xoxo, 
Sister Cox


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