Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Temple Square Perks: I had a wonderful surprise this week. My oldest sister and her family surprised me and I got to take them on a tour around Temple Square. Lately I have been feeling a little weird about seeing people I know/family because no other mission has that privilege. But they will be moving out of the country in the next little while and it was truly a blessing from Heavenly Father to get to see them before they head out on their new adventures. I love my family so much and am so grateful for what they have all done for me, for our family, and the examples that they are to me. Being the youngest has its perks, but I think having 6 older siblings to look up to, is definitely at the top of the list.
We had what is called MTC contacting. We get to be with Sisters who are going to different visitor centers all over the world to help them to have an idea of what missionary work is like at a visitor's center. The sister I was with is from Anchorage, AK and will be serving in the New Zealand Temple Visitor's Center. She truly has the fresh fire within her and she is kind of my soul sister. It was a wonderful afternoon/evening with Sister Howard. Everyone I meet from Alaska is so cool.
Zone Conference: was this week and the APS and President gave an awesome training about talking to everyone, Duty, and doctrine on the restoration. From small things, great things are brought to pass. Think about a door hinge and the power that it has on the door and it's movement and reach. We never know how great of an effect one testimony, one Book of Mormon, one pass along card can do. 

Since we are not part of a ward or branch we bring lunch and dinner to the square every day. These are the fridges where we keep food, and this is a photo depicting the struggle of finding said food in the abyss of shown fridge. Feat. Sister Gomes ♥ from Brazil.
Brain thoughts: This week during sacrament meeting I was reflecting on the week while looking at my wrinkled skirt. I thought about the Atonement and the change that is has on our lives. To get the wrinkles out of my skirt, it would not be an instantaneous change. No bippity boppity boo, rags to ballgown, snap of the fingers. I either have to steam the skirt or spend some time ironing each wrinkle. That's how it is with us. Fixing our little wrinkles, or big wrinkles is not going to happen in the blink of an eye. Anything that is changing from one state to another is going to take time. Liquid to solid or gas. Solid to liquid. Dough to bread. Weak to strong. Selfish to humble. Through Christ and His deep and eternal love we can find the hope and also the patience to continue to change not only our human behavior, but our human nature. (I remember a talk that says something about this but I can't find the talk, if someone knows please feel free to let me know.) 
MORE FLOWERS feat. companion
Square Story: This week on the square I met a man who broke his hip while skiing here. He shared his incredible experience with me and how it has changed his life for the better. He had a previously hectic and busy life and didn't take the time to really live it. But having this accident helped him to really take a step back, slow down and appreciate life and the beauty in it. (he loves backpacking, hiking, outdoors so we had a good chat about all of that and the gospel) But he had never been religious, only slightly spiritual. But being here in utah and having the accident he noticed what he was missing, what he wanted, and has continued to have experiences that have led him to know that he needs to be here in Utah and he needs to join the church and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was amazed at the faith of this man and his willingness to follow a God he barely even knew yet. But he knew, being at temple square that it was right, and he felt the peace and it felt good. He said he will be back again so we will continue to be apart of his spiritual journey.

Whether it's in the mountains, at the Temple, in the quiet of the car, take some time to reflect on this life and the beauty of it and the love of the Savior. Who knows how those few moments could affect your life or the lives around you. #doorhinge

I love you all. xoxo

Sister Cox
Sister Srisakprathum (say that 5 times fast) Feat. Flowers. Look up the full name of Bangkok in Thailand, I'll be back from my mission by the time you figure out how to say the whole thing.

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