Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Peace and Blessins Ya'll

Soooo this week was full of a lot of cool things. Maybe because fast Sunday was this week. Maybe because we worked really hard. Maybe because God loves us. Maybe because there were more people on the square. Probably all of the above. Regardless, I feel happy and blessed and I would not like to be anywhere else but here on this mission. I love it. 
I am the worst at taking pictures. Thx Sisters Evaga and Cochain for sharing. These pics actually describe the mission, training, love of food here, etc...

Square story:

A few days ago while at the desk in the South Visitor Center I met Bryan. He asked so many questions and we had a conversation that lasted probably almost a whole hour. It was brilliant. Sometimes on our missions I have no doubt we meet and teach people we knew before we came to this earth and he feels like one of them. It honestly almost felt too good to be true and part of me feels like he is just someone coming to the square, pretending to be someone interested but is actually just a con artist or a member being uncool with the Lord's time. <--these things actually happen a lot. But we have contacted him and he is still responding and he is on the right track reading the Book of Mormon and wanting to meet the missionaries so praying all goes well. 
Sister Blocker eats potatoes everyday, and this is the only knife that works for her. To each her own. Hahaha
Still trying to conquer that fear thing. It sneaks up in so many ways, example above. I've realized these past two transfers that we really can't eliminate fear from our lives. It is part of the human condition and really it moves us to do a lot of things. I've realized I don't need to get rid of fear, but learn how to master it. Use it as a tool to make this world a better place and honor the Savior. 
Quiet mornings in the Tabernacle when I get to sing like I'm a superstar with the perfect domed acoustics to back me up. (We took this only because there are no people in sight.)

This week studying the Book of Mormon I was reading in Helaman. Chapter 12 has so many good verses but it is so frustrating how many times the people go through these cycles. Prosperity and ease--->forget the Lord---->harden their hearts--->God sends something(famine, war, destruction) and they realize how much they need him and turn to Him. It really gets under my skin. But it helps me to realize that without challenges, it is easier for us dummy dumb dummyhead humans to forget how wonderful the Savior and our Heavenly Father are and how much they do for us. I know I have had a really good life, and the challenges in my life are very small in comparison to MANY. But I have been learning to really accept challenges and difficulties because I never want to forget the Lord. In your lives and challenges this week, try to embrace them my wonderful people. And turn to Jesus Christ. Because He really knows what we are feeling. I love Him and I love you all.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Cox

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